AJW Technique and Honeywell sign licensing agreement

AJW Technique and Honeywell International have signed an Authorized Service Center Agreement and a purchase parts agreement over a 5-year term.
This will allow the new AJW Group facility in Montreal, Canada to undertake the maintenance, repair and overhaul of specific products underpinned by direct access to Honeywell technical data and spare parts.
AJW Technique thus joins the selective group of Authorized Service Centers appointed by Honeywell International to support its aerospace products. AJW Technique’s operational processes will reinforce the AJW Group’s primary goal to drive down direct maintenance costs for the global airline consumer base. The use of high quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts in high quality repairs enables AJW to market an industry leading standard of product and service.
“The AJW Group actively pursues forward thinking strategic relationships that allow the company to dynamically adjust to fluctuations in industry demand as well as technological advances at aircraft level. This new partnership with Honeywell is the most recent example of AJW Technique’s rapid success at gaining strategic and tactical support from the world’s leading OEMs,” explained Gavin Simmonds, general manager of AJW Technique.
Key points in the agreement include access to Honeywell’s spare parts inventory stationed in AJW’s logistical hubs around the world. This allows AJW Technique to plan meticulously the stock levels, ensuring they always have on hand the parts that are needed.
Technical assistance and training is also provided by Honeywell throughout the length of the agreement. The licence gives AJW Technique electronic access to publication amendments and repair supplements at the click of a button. It also ensures AJW Technique has access to Honeywell support for test equipment correlation, and Honeywell maintenance practices guaranteeing OEM workmanship criteria.

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