AIX2015: Skycast announces detachable tablet and smartphone holder

Skycast Solutions has developed a low-cost tablet holder solution, the “TabCaddyClip” for inflight use.

The clip is custom designed to attach securely to a variety of airline meal trays and give passengers a convenient way to position and view their personal electronic device (PED). The ‘TabCaddyClip’ is designed to accommodate all sizes of tablets and features an innovative hinge to allow the passenger to adjust viewing angles.

“Sometimes the best solution is the simplest solution,” explained Bill Boyer, CEO of Skycast Solutions. “The Clip is perfect for airlines that are looking for a new source of onboard retail sales or an innovative advertising give-away. For the price of a beer, airlines can sell passengers a high value and reusable tablet holder.”

The clip requires no certification or other tests required of permanently installed solutions. If purchased, the passenger can re-use the Clip on future flights.

“We listened to airlines who asked us for a quick, easy and inexpensive way to accommodate tablets,” said Greg Latimer, president of Skycast Solutions. “The Clip also provides airlines a transition product for those that are looking at our suite of installed TabCaddy products.”

The Clip provides two surfaces for airline branding or advertising sales but is highly customisable for each airline based on their tray and branding requirements.

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