AIX2015: safTglo emergency floorpath marking for all new-build Embraers

STG Aerospace has won a contract to supply its safTglo photoluminescent emergency floorpath marking system for the next generation of Embraer aircraft.

Having supplied safTglo to the current generation Embraer aircraft through a Tier 2 contract, STG Aerospace describes achieving Tier 1 status with Embraer as “a major milestone”. The company already has Tier 1 contracts with Boeing, Bombardier, SuperJet International and AgustaWestland.

STG Aerospace will be supplying Embraer with both safTglo SuperSeal Lite (SSL) and its latest next generation system, SuperSeal UltraLite (SSUL), depending on the profile of carpets selected. Both SSL and SSUL are available in different colour options, enabling enhancement of cabin aesthetics with no compromise on safety.

In addition to fitting all new-build Embraer aircraft with safTglo, STG Aerospace is also offering a discounted retrofit programme to operators of existing Embraer aircraft to enable them to install the latest production standard systems and help them develop a unified brand image across their fleets.

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