AIX2015: Gogo’s new Crew Connect to aid airline operations

Gogo has launched a new crew messaging service for airline operational services called Crew Connect, which is a dynamic messaging platform that allows flight crews to communicate by voice or text messaging with each other and with ground crews while the aircraft is in flight.

The service is an application-based service, available on Android, Apple and Microsoft devices that offers group messaging, event-based alerts, multi-media messaging and message tracking.

“Today, numerous airlines are issuing their flight attendants and pilots WiFi enabled tablets and smartphones, which are capable of utilising aircraft connectivity,” exaplined Ash ElDifrawi, Gogo’s chief commercial officer, adding that Crew Connect taps into and builds on that trend. “The only other way for cabin crew to communicate off the aircraft is through traditional flight deck voice or datalink (ACARS) systems, which have historically been difficult and expensive to utilise for inflight cabin crew communication. This service will give airlines an inexpensive way to keep crew connected and informed while in the air, with the ultimate goal of helping airlines improve efficiency.”

Crew Connect is based on leading IP messaging platform technology. The service will include features such as: dynamic call grouping, which allows the airline to send communications to an entire aircraft, fleet or region; status notifications like “message read” and “on aircraft”; and hot button calling to airline-designated sites such as dispatch, scheduling and maintenance.

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