AIX2015: Cobham Satcom SwiftBroadband system to connect AirAsia A320 fleet

Cobham Satcom has begun deliveries of 150 of its four-channel AVIATOR 1200SP SwiftBroadband system to AirAsia, which will give the airline a state-of-the-art inflight entertainment solution as part of the Tune Box connectivity system.

The system, which consists of the satellite data unit SDU-7330-4, the high power amplifier HPA-7450, the Type F diplexer/low noise amplifier and intermediate gain antenna IGA-5001, has been trialled by Tune Box and AirAsia since early 2014. After completing its customer assessment, the system was certified through an FAA STC on the AirAsia A320 fleet.

Willem Kasselman, air transport business development director of Cobham Satcom’s aeronautical business unit, noted, “Cobham Satcom is proud to be supplying equipment for this innovative connectivity solution that will set AirAsia even further apart from its competitors. It is further proof of the growing market confidence in Cobham Satcom systems, which provides value benefits and cost savings, such as low drag weight, low induced fuselage stress and exceptional low elevation angle coverage, all resulting in a higher performance satcom system.”

Using the SwiftBroadband flexible IP connectivity, the roKKi service developed by Tune Box offers passengers a complete inflight entertainment (IFE) system, with access to connecting flight information, hotel and car reservations as well as the ability to connect to their own personal electronic devices (PEDs).

Sami El Hadery, executive director of Tune Box, commented, “We’re excited to be the first service provider to launch onboard WiFi services with a four-channel SwiftBroadband system on a commercial airline. This four-channel system differentiates us from other airlines that use a single-channel SwiftBroadband system, as it allows us to support more passengers accessing WiFi on board as well as additional next-generation revenue-generating services.”

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