Airways Aviation announces Pilot Training Foundation Programme

Airways Aviation has announced the launch of its worldwide Pilot Training Foundation Programme, with courses being available in the UK, the UAE, Australia, Malaysia, Montenegro, Jordan and Lebanon.

Classes for aspiring commercial pilots will begin between 1 September and 20 October 2014. The programme’s curriculum has been specially constructed to incorporate both European (EASA) and Australian (CASA) requirements. The syllabus includes solid introductions to disciplines such as aviation English, aerodynamics, navigation, meteorology, human performance, flight rules and air law, aircraft general knowledge and operations, performance and planning.

Students who successfully complete the Foundation course can then go on to finalise their commercial theory whilst simultaneously undertaking practical aeroplane and/or helicopter flight training at one of the Airways Aviation bases in Australia, the United Kingdom or Montenegro. The company hopes there will be more study and training destinations in the not too distant future.

“Our education and training model is designed to open up the possibility of a career as a commercial pilot to as many prospective students as possible, but with particular focus on those whom have a passion and interest but had previously believed it was somehow beyond their ability to become a pilot. We have been able to design a programme that simplifies and demystifies the pathway by breaking down the key theory concepts & principles and then delivering the course in a clear, concise and easily managed method," explained Romy Hawatt, CEO of Airways Aviation Global.

Airways Aviation is responding to predictions by Airbus and Boeing that over the next 20 years the industry will see a demand for over 35,000 new passenger and freight aircraft with fully trained pilots and crew.

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