AirTran renews inventory deal with Expedia

Expedia has announced the signing of a marketing and distribution agreement with AirTran Airways, under which the airline’s fares and inventory will continue to be available to travellers who visit Expedia, Egencia and Hotwire sites in the US each month.

“Our goal is to make AirTran’s products and services available to travellers in ways that meet their needs and in a manner that is consistent with our distribution strategies and cost goals,” explained Kevin Healy, senior VP marketing & planning at AirTran. “Our partnership with Expedia gives us access to millions upon millions of travel shoppers each month, effectively marketing AirTran products in a targeted and cost-efficient manner.”

“Expedia aims to continually identify opportunities to create value for our customers and our travel partners,” remarked Greg Schulze, senior vice-president, global tour and transport, Expedia Partner Services Group. “This partnership with AirTran allows us to continue providing our customers with an extensive selection of travel offerings, while still providing our partner with one easy-to-use marketing and distribution option.”

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