AIRCRAFT INTERIORS 2014: Telefónica, LiveTV chosen for Vueling Ka-band Wi-Fi connectivity

Vueling and Telefónica have reached an agreement to implement a high-speed Wi-Fi service to give passengers a very similar navigation experience to that enjoyed on the ground.

Four of Vueling’s Airbus A320s will have the service available during this year, making it the first European company to offer high-speed Wi-Fi, thereby laying the foundations for what the onboard connectivity model will be like.

To date, the airline noted, this kind of data access was not possible on short distances in Europe such as Madrid–Barcelona. Vueling added that this “opens up a world of possibilities for passengers: consulting and answering email, updating their statuses on social networks or being connected to news and events in real time, amongst others”.

Telefónica will be responsible for integrating LiveTV's high-speed technology with Eutelsat’s AIR ACCESS mobile service via its KA-SAT satellite in order to provide a complete internet access solution in the air.

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