AIRCRAFT INTERIORS 2014: Partnering the way to progress, says Teague

Partnerships are aviation’s most powerful currency, yet aviation can be insular, so new and fresh perspectives are needed, according to Devin Liddell, principal brand strategist of Teague.

“Even Nike’s CEO recognised that they could only do so much on their own, and the rest would be down to [working with] partners,” Liddell reported. “Look at the airlines in the SkyTrax top 100 between numbers 80 and 100. These airlines average 43 partnerships, while those in the top 10 average 99 partnerships.

“We need to go beyond sponsorships and alliances though. We need to make things together,” he continued. The old model of co-branding was essentially about co-marketing, whereas the new definition is more about co-making – innovating together.”

Liddell called for more ways to differentiate the brand of aviation. “Air travel is amazing. It’s awesome. And yet we don’t get the mindshare or recognition we deserve,” he declared. “We (airlines) should be positioned as lifestyle brands. This is more than just great design, this is great business. But airlines not very good at saying, ‘Yes’.”

Liddell ended by identifying three core opportunities for airlines.
• Co-making to rethink cabin classes around experiences rather than around seat pitch.
• Co-making to reposition airline brands as lifestyle brands (“People still seek out PanAm flight bags, but we’re not selling [those of current airlines] now”).
• Co-making to integrate the seams within the travel experience.

Bernie Baldwin, editor, Low-Fare & Regional Airlines/
Hamburg, Germany

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