AIRCRAFT INTERIORS 2014: Panasonic launches OneMedia AdConnect to enhance ancillary revenues

Panasonic Avionics is increasing airline ancillary revenue opportunities with the launch of AdConnect, a new addition to its portfolio of OneMedia Advertising Solutions.

Up until now, advertising solutions have typically enabled airlines to serve content to their inflight Wi-Fi portal. AdConnect now allows airlines to generate advertising revenue throughout the entire duration of an inflight Wi-Fi session, even after a passenger leaves the airline portal and begins to surf the web.

For this, Panasonic has partnered with MediaShift to bring this patented technology to the inflight cabin environment. The MediaShift Monetization Platform (MMP) enables Panasonic and its airline partners to generate advertising revenue by introducing a variety of advertising products within a user’s internet Wi-Fi session. Selected advertising campaigns will appear within any web page that a passenger visits.

The service adheres to Internet Advertising Bureau standards and guidelines and is designed to create incremental revenue opportunities without any degradation to the content on the website or to the user experience.

Paul Margis, president and CEO of Panasonic Avionics, explained, “We are committed to helping our airline partners extract maximum value from the investments they’ve made in our inflight entertainment and communications solutions. With the launch of our AdConnect service, we are able to provide a more personalised experience to passengers, and generate more revenue for our customers.”

AdConnect will be available to airlines that have selected Panasonic’s Global Communications Services. The technology will be available immediately for North America with other regions of the world coming online in a phased roll-out.

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