AIRCRAFT INTERIORS 2014: Boeing’s new 737 interior configuration studio opens

Boeing has launched its new 737 Configuration Studio, a new 20,000 square-feet studio located in Renton, WA, facility where airline customers can choose their aircraft interiors.

Similar to the 787 Dreamliner Gallery, the 737 Configuration Studio provides a private showroom environment to assist Next-Generation 737 and 737 MAX customers with the design and configuration of new aeroplane interiors.

“Our customers make a large investment when they choose their interiors,” noted Beverly Wyse, vice-president and general manager, 737 program, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “This new studio offers one-stop shopping, eliminating the need for them to fly around the world to meet with different suppliers.”

More than two dozen major interior configuration introductions are expected over the next two years. To help 737 customers select among them, the studio presents views of suppliers’ products side by side in one location. Customers can see, touch and experience choices in galleys, seats and inflight entertainment. They also can select interior colours and decorations that highlight and support their brand.

Additionally, customers can use the 737 Boeing Sky Interior light lab to study how fabrics, carpets, drapes and uniforms appear under various light settings. The facility also houses the "new features room," which provides customers with a glimpse of future technologies.

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