Airbus, Zodiac unveil new cabin option: ‘Space-Flex v2’

Zodiac Aerospace and Airbus have announced plans to develop a second option for their Space-Flex PRM (persons with reduced mobility) lavatory and galley module.
Space-Flex v2 for the Airbus A320neo, which is scheduled to enter service during the first half of 2016, offers a larger galley area whilst still providing room for up to six extra passenger seats.
The galley’s greater capacity allows for full-size meal trays, which will benefit airlines wishing to offer a full-tray catering experience. It also means that crew won’t have to return to restock food and beverages between serving their outward and return sectors, ensuring consistency in the service of food as well as more efficient turnaround timings.
Space-Flex v2 also benefits from a more optimised design, allowing the aircraft to accommodate eight half-size trolleys (or three full-size plus two half-size trolleys).
The two companies will together cover the line-fit and retrofit for the entire A320 family. The retrofit solution will use Airbus-certified supplier-furnished-equipment (SFE) material, ensuring the opportunity for operators to maintain fleet commonality between new and older aircraft.

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