Airbus ProSky ATM subsidiary launched

Airbus has launched a new subsidiary company, called Airbus ProSky, dedicated to the development and support of modern air traffic management (ATM) systems.

Airbus ProSky will become the channel through which Airbus will interact and develop ATM programmes such as the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) in Europe, as well as NextGen in the US. For these two ATM programmes particularly, Airbus ProSky will “help accelerate and support the process of their implementation, and link them together by capitalising on the technological, operational and commercial synergies”.

Airbus ProSky will also bring Airbus’s aviation expertise to other nations by working with their Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), airworthiness authorities and airlines to help them achieve the common goal of transforming their ATM systems to achieve the highest operational efficiencies. The more direct routings resulting should decrease aircraft fuel consumption by around 10%.

Airbus ProSky is being led by Eric Stefanello, president of Airbus ProSky and SVP of ATM at Airbus. He will be supported directly by Marc Hamy as VP of SESAR and NextGen Deployment. Hamy was formerly chief-of-staff for France’s Transport Minister and previously, CEO of the French Air Navigation Services.

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