Airbus launches Maintenance Mobility with JetBlue

JetBlue has become the launch customer for Airbus’ Maintenance Mobility solution – one of several services in the Smarter Fleet cloud-based platform developed by the OEM in partnership with IBM –which allows airline mechanics all the technical information they need on iPads. Maintenance Mobility is a web based application hosted by Airbus as a service. It’s composed of a web page for the supervisor and apps for the mechanics which are synchronised using the Smarter Fleet cloud platform.It enables mechanics to access information needed to perform an aircraft turnaround, such as task cards or real-time access to aircraft maintenance messages. It also includes an e-Doc browser for access to the Aircraft Maintenance Manual, Illustrated Parts Catalogue or Minimum Equipment List from a mobile device.The agreement with JetBlue covers the integration of Maintenance Mobility into the airline’s maintenance information system, software and data hosting over a five-year servicing period. The deployment will be accomplished step-by-step with Airbus experts working on-site with JetBlue in order to spread the integration and manage change gradually.Marco Nogueira, JetBlue’s director of maintenance, noted, “By having access to aircraft technical data on a portable device we will improve dispatch reliability and on-time performance of our Airbus fleet. Maintenance Mobility will also provide real-time fault analysis of aircraft systems and communication. Overall, the efficiency gains by having this information at the mechanics fingertips will facilitate quicker decision-making processes while ensuring better accuracy.”Didier Lux, Airbus’ head of customer services, went on, “Airbus is once again leveraging mobile devices, along with cloud-based technology in order to digitalise maintenance operations. By partnering with IBM, a world leader in digital services, Airbus will help ensure JetBlue mechanics can directly access the specific information they require, whilst optimising their time between aircraft and office.”

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