Airbus increases A320 rate, adjusts A330 for NEO transition

From the first quarter 2017, Airbus will increase the production rate of its A320 family to 50 aircraft per month to match market demand.
“As an aircraft manufacturer, it is our role, for our employees, partners, customers and investors to anticipate market demands whilst delivering on orders and managing revenues,” claimed Didier Evrard, EVP programmes. “Given the success of the A320 family, both CEO and NEO, we work closely with our supply chain, assess our manufacturing capabilities and decide on the most appropriate rate.”
Airbus is also adjusting the A330 production rate to six a month from the first quarter of 2016 as it transitions towards the A330neo. “On widebodies we are adjusting A330 production in preparation for transition to NEO while in parallel the A350 XWB is on a steep ramp-up,” added Evrard.

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