Airbus evaluates Sharklet retrofit for A320 family

Airbus has decided to pursue a retrofit option of its large Sharklet wing devices for the A320 family in-service fleet and is evaluating the technical, operational and business aspects of such an offering.

Tom Williams, Airbus’s executive vice-president, programmes, commented, “We are confident that our customers will appreciate not only the benefits from improved fuel efficiency that retrofitting large winglets will bring to their in-service A320 family fleets, but also from the enhanced residual value.

“We’ve begun investigating in earnest, and our technical teams are confident that we can develop a retrofit solution. We are committed to making it happen either in-house or with external partners,” Williams added.

The proposed large winglet retrofit offering will directly benefit from Airbus’s experience in developing the forward-fit Sharklet option for new-build aircraft, for which tests will soon be performed on the company’s flight test A320 MSN1 aircraft.

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