airBaltic claims world first with new line in ancillaries

airBaltic has opened a new ancillary revenue stream by announcing that it will sell discounted TV sets to passengers during flights.

Explaining the concept, airBaltic chief commercial officer Tero Taskila remarked, “For airBaltic it is important to find new ways of offering a better service to our customers. Selling the latest flat-screen TV technology at aggressively discounted prices is yet another step towards airBaltic becoming a megastore for passengers who are looking for good deals – from flights, hotels to sunglasses, electronics, and even flowers for someone special. The saving of €240 per TV compared with the retail price is worth a family holiday in selected airBaltic destinations.”

The flat-screen TV is made available for sale exclusively on board airBaltic aircraft. Passengers make a purchase of discounted TV sets while in flight. The purchased TV-sets are shipped free to EU Member States.

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