airBaltic adds frequency on Riga–Brussels

airBaltic has announced an increase in the number of flights it will offer from Riga to Brussels during the summer of 2010, with two services being flown every weekday.

Tero Taskila, chief commercial officer of airBaltic, remarked, "Riga will be the only airport in the Baltic States from which it will be possible to fly to Brussels and back within one day during the summer. This opportunity will ensure considerable time and money saving. Additional flights on the route from Riga to Brussels will offer more comfortable travel for officials and governments that have concluded agreements with airBaltic“.

During 2009, such agreements with the airline were concluded by the governments of Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

During the winter season, airBaltic is offering seven flights a week. During the summer, there will be 11 flights a week – a morning and an evening flight on weekdays and an additional flight on Sunday evening.

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