AirAsia X releases 4Q15 and FY2015 results

AirAsia X Berhad (AAX) has announced its operating statistics for the fourth quarter of 2015 (4Q15) and its full financial year ended 31 December 2015 (FY2015), with the former’s performance seeing significant improvement year-over-year due to the instigation of various turnaround initiatives during FY2015.
During FY2015, AAX exercised strategic capacity management by terminating its routes to Narita, Nagoya and Adelaide, and shifted two routes (Colombo and ChongQing) to A320 operations. The capacity from the route consolidation was strategically deployed to new routes such as Sapporo, underserved routes, charters and wet leasing operations.
As a result, the airline’s available seat kilometres (ASKs) for 4Q15 reduced by 9% from 6,523,000 to 5,905,000 year-over-year and revenue passenger kilometres (RPKs) decreased by 8% from 5,312,000 to 4,896,000, with AAX carrying 9% less passengers (1,086,800 in 4Q14 to 985,739 in 4Q15).
Despite AAX having a higher average base fare in 4Q15 compared to 4Q14, passenger load factor increased by 2 percentage points from 81% to 83% across the two respective periods. The airline says further improvement was hindered by slower-than-expected recovery of Kathmandu’s operations after the massive Nepal earthquake.
Across FY2015, AAX carried 3,613,537 passengers, which is 15% less than the 4,230,953 carried in FY2014. ASKs shrank by 8% from 25,374,000 to 23,388,000 against a decrease of RPKs from 20,816,000 to 17,553,000 across the same respective periods, resulting in a seven percentage point drop in load factor year-over-year.
AAX continues to explore new strategies for sustainable growth.

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