AirAsia optimises operations management with drop of merlot

AirAsia has deployed the first element of airline management system,, which has been implemented to optimise the airline’s aircraft and crew utilisation, making it possible for to improve further its on-time performance and minimise costs, among other benefits.

The first part of this new system, which will manage the real time flight and service information to all of AirAsia’s social media outlets, customers, airports and support services, went live on schedule and is now in use across AirAsia’s global network.

“We have chosen this state-of-the-art operational tool in our quest to offer our guests the best travelling experience,” explained said Bo Lingam, chief operating officer of AirAsia. “With the new system in place, AirAsia will be able to boost the on-time performance of our flights and maximise the use of our aircraft to serve more routes and increase frequency. We’re looking forward to substantial cost savings, which we can pass on to our guests in the form of low fares.”

The system will be used by the entire AirAsia Group throughout the region and by its sister company, AirAsia X. Full implementation of the system is expected to be completed by mid 2012.

AirAsia’s on-time performance for the year to date is 80%. The airline seeks to improve its performance, given its expansion and the planned increase in routes and flight frequencies.

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