AirAsia India and Air Costa deploy SITA OnAir’s AIRCOM services

AirAsia India and Air Costa have become the latest carriers in India to deploy SITA OnAir’s AIRCOM services (including AIRCOM FlightTracker) to streamline operations using the company’s very high frequency (VHF) network, which covers the whole of India, and its wide network of regional support teams.As well as flight tracking, the airlines are also introducing the AIRCOM Server Online and AIRCOM Datalink Services, which interface with the airlines’ operations, crew management flight planning and maintenance software. With real-time weather data delivered directly to the pilots and live messaging between the flight crew and the airline operational control, reduced turnaround times are being sought.Low-fare carrier AirAsia India and regional airline Air Costa operate fleets of Airbus A320-200 aircraft and Embraer 170 and 190 aircraft respectively. Both launched within the last two years.“The Indian aviation market is set to grow by 10% every year for the next ten years, according to aviation industry reports,” commented Captain K N Babu, CEO of Air Costa. “That obviously gives us significant potential for growth. To make the most of the opportunity, we need to be highly efficient in operations where technology will help us to achieve it. SITA OnAir provides us with ubiquitous coverage and the right tools to make sure we optimise our operations.”“SITA OnAir has a very strong presence in India, making it the obvious choice for our aircraft communications requirements,” added AirAsia India CEO, Mittu Chandilya. “Much of this data transfer over the SITA OnAir network is automated, including the maintenance information. Reducing human input makes the processes more streamlined and therefore more efficient. In turn, that helps us improve our performance while keeping costs down.”

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