Air Wisconsin pilots raise questions about the future

Air Wisconsin’s ALPA leaders have launched a new campaign, ‘2018: Sunrise or Sunset?’, to encourage the carrier’s management to share their plans to attract new business.
The campaign acknowledges Air Wisconsin has no flying contracted for beyond February 2018, and has not shared any information on how it plans to continue operating past that date.
With 69 50-seat CRJ200 aircraft and approximately 780 pilots, Air Wisconsin is the largest privately held regional airline in the United States, but it has not contracted any new flying in more than a decade since it ended its partnership with United Airlines and began a new relationship with US Airways.
With US Airways now merged with American Airlines, Air Wisconsin is operating as an American Eagle subsidiary. American extended Air Wisconsin’s contract extension in 2015, but that deal expires in just 22 months.
“The industry for quite some time now has been trending away from Air Wisconsin’s 50-seat business model and, although we don’t know what the future holds for the 50-seat market, the 50-seat fleet continues to be reduced by all the mainline carriers,” explained Air Wisconsin’s ALPA Master Executive Council chairman, Captain Chris Suhs. “The employees of Air Wisconsin deserve to know what’s happening, good or bad, so we can plan our careers.
“We’re not talking about the company going out of business; we’re asking the company to tell us what it is doing to stay in business,” Suhs continued. “Ideally that includes new aircraft, new contracts, or a new extension from American. We’d like the opportunity to be a part of the solution.”

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