Air transport organisations make declaration on EU accident investigation regulation

A group of air transport organisations – ACI Europe, AEA, ATCEUC, EBAA, ECA, EHA, ERA, ETF, ETSC, FSF, IACA, IAOPA (Europe), IFALPA, IFATCA – has released the following statement on the subject of EU accident investigation regulation.

“The signatory organisations from the air transport sector are seriously concerned with the provisions contained in the Proposal for a new EU Regulation on Accident Investigation – Proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on investigation and prevention of accidents and incidents in civil aviation COM(2009) 611 final – which grant the judicial investigators access to flight recorders and safety information.

“With these provisions – supported by the Transport Council on 11th March – the judicial investigation will have primacy over the safety investigation. This will seriously jeopardise the ability of accident investigators to obtain in confidence the information necessary to find the factors which contribute to accidents and therefore will prevent them from making well-informed safety recommendations needed to improve aviation safety and avoid future accidents. This is not in the interest of Europe’s flying public.

The signatory organisations call on the European decision-makers – the Parliament, Council and Commission – to revise the Proposal and limit the use of safety information in judicial proceedings only to cases where the accident investigation finds that wilful or illegal actions were a factor in the accident.”

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