Air Operators’ Certificate for Peach Aviation

New Japan-based low-fare airline Peach Aviation reports that it has received an Air Operators’ Certificate (AOC) from Japan’s Civil Aviation Bureau.

Peach’s application for the AOC was made on 13 April 2011 under Article 100 of the Aviation Act. Peach Aviation is now officially authorised to operate an airline and can proceed with plans to commence flights from Osaka to Fukuoka and Sapporo in March 2012, and to Seoul in May 2012.

“This is a significant milestone for Peach Aviation,” commented Shinichi Inoue, CEO of Peach Aviation. “Safe flight operation is our most important value. Peach is establishing a Safety Promotion Committee (preparatory committee) that will have its first meeting on 11 July 2011. Committee members and all employees will attend this meeting to reaffirm Peach’s commitment to safety.”

With Inoue himself as chairman, Peach’s Safety Promotion Committee (preparatory committee) will fully enforce airline safety procedures by conducting educational training programs for Peach staff.

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