Air France group short-haul activity brought together under Hop! AF brand

From summer 2015, all short-haul activity in the Air France Group will be operated under a simplified structure, Hop! Air France, which will bring together both Air France's point-to-point services and HOP! services.
Air France’s point-to-point team, based in Paray Vieille Poste, and the HOP! team, based in Rungis, will come together in Montreuil under Lionel Guérin, who is currently acting chairman and CEO of HOP!
“Short-haul activity sits in competition with trains, cars, and low-cost airlines. We need to restructure our company to be even more responsively market-oriented, and accessible to our customers,” commented Air France chairman and CEO, Frédéric Gagey. “HOP! Air France provides a response adapted to the specific characteristics of short-haul carrier activity, and the travel needs of our customers. I am counting on the efforts of all staff to achieve the ambitious targets for this business.”
The idea for this new structure was proposed by a group of experts, who recommended a corresponding commercial offer and economic model for each market, whether in terms of costs or revenue, at a recent Air France Works Council meeting. Its objective is to quickly generate value for the group, and recover profitability in the short-haul market within three years.

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