Air Arabia selects Thales avionics packages for new A320s

Air Arabia has chosen Thales to supply a large avionics package including flight management systems (FMS), and traffic, terrain and transponder collision avoidance system (T3CAS) for its 44 new Airbus A320s.

The new aircraft will be delivered with Release 1A, a new software version for the TopFlight FMS certified on the Airbus A320 family in March 2009. It brings new approach capabilities such as Required Navigation Performance with Authorization Required capacity (RNP AR down to RNP 0.1) or GNSS Landing System (GLS) along with functionality on the A320 and A330/A340 families like the FMS Landing System (FLS).

The FMS Landing System is a new way to fly non-precision approaches using ILS (Instrument Landing System)-like procedures, thus enhancing situational awareness and reducing drastically training times and costs due to standardisation of procedures. Existing features like the multi-revision temporary flight plan with undo function and an enhanced intuitive “What You See is What You Fly” display system remains unique to Thales on those aircraft families.

The T3CAS product developed by ACSS, a US joint venture between Thales and L3, has the operational advantage of being a TCAS with the latest Change 7.1 standard, a predictive terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS) based on real aircraft performance and a Mode S transponder compliant to the latest DO260A standard. It supports all new ADS-B IN functions (ATSA-ITP, ATSA-VSA, ATSA-AIRB) and includes three functions in one single box (TCAS, TAWS and transponders), offering additional advantages over the existing system in terms of weight, power consumption and antenna drag.

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