Air Arabia adopts SITA passenger management system

Air Arabia is to introduce elements of SITA’s Horizon passenger management system to increase the efficiency of its operations.

Through the Horizon Passenger Management and Distribution portfolio, SITA will provide the airline with its latest departure control and weight and balance systems.

Horizon Weight & Balance will increase fuel savings for the airline by providing full load-planning capabilities, including a graphical user interface (GUI) framework, for all the functionalities required to load and dispatch an aircraft. This includes all legally required documentation for both airlines and ground handlers.

SITA’s Horizon Departure Control Services (DCS) is a fully integrated multi-host system for automated check-in, boarding and load planning and has been used to check in more than 167 million passengers worldwide.

Air Arabia has also renewed SITA’s Type B Messaging Service, underpinning every operational aspect of the airline business by facilitating the sharing of crucial operational updates across the globe.

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