AerSale receives FAA STC for AerSafe solution

tAerSale has received a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to install AerSafe, a means of ignition mitigation, into the centre fuel tank of Boeing 737-700/800 aircraft.
AerSafe was developed to comply with the FAA’s Fuel Tank Flammability Reduction Rule (FTFR), which the Administration declares can be done in two ways – the installation of a flammability reduction means or an ignition mitigation means.
Prior to AerSafe’s FAA approval, the only product available to comply with the FTFR on a Boeing 737-700/800 aircraft was a nitrogen gas inerting system. The installation of AerSafe will cost less than half of the nitrogen gas inerting system, as it requires no modifications to the aircraft's structure. The solution has an estimated 20 year material life.
“AerSale's team of qualified technicians can install AerSafe in an aircraft in less than a day at almost any location where the centre fuel tank can be drained for access,” stated David Querio, general manager of AerSale's Certified Repair Station located in Roswell, New Mexico. “Once installed, AerSafe unburdens the operator with virtually no further maintenance requirements to keep the system functional and compliant with the FTFR.”

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