Aeroflot flight crew now in training at SJI Moscow

SuperJet International (SJI) has launched the first Aeroflot flight crew training course for the Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) at its training centre in Moscow.

SuperJet International, which is in charge of SSJ100 sales in Western markets, is also responsible for training and after-sales support all over the world. The company has established two facilities – in Venice and Moscow – for its training programmes.

The “Type Rating course for Aeroflot pilots” on the SSJ100, managed by SJI instructors, will involve three Aeroflot crews and will have a duration of 24 days.

From next June SuperJet International will enhance its training capacity with the availability of the first full flight simulator (FFS).

SJI has also started the first maintenance type training course on the SSJ100 for 12 Aeroflot engineers, with different skills and background, designated for the acceptance of the first aircraft. This theoretical course, combining airframe, systems, powerplant and avionics, is held inside Aeroflot Training Centre at Sheremetyevo Airport and takes 27 days.

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