Aer Lingus reports traffic statistics for June 2015 and 1H15

Aer Lingus has announced its traffic statistics for June 2015 and for the first half of the calendar year (1H15).

During June revenue passenger kilometres (RPKs) totalled 1,890 million, compared with 1,716 million last June, a 10.1% increase overall with short haul RPKs increasing by 4.6% and long haul by 16.9%. Available seat kilometres (ASKs) rose by 9.8% to 2,202 million from 2,006 million, with short-haul ASKs rising by 4.5% and long-haul ASKs going up by 17.3%. The overall load factor rose slightly, by 0.3 percentage points, to 85.8%.

Rounded figures for mainline passengers carried in June showed an increase of 3.5% to 1,030,000 from 995,000, with short-haul numbers going up by 1.5% and long haul passenger numbers increasing by 15.6%. Aer Lingus Regional scheduled traffic statistics showed that 118,000 passengers were carried in June, a 9.2% decrease from June 2014’s 130,000.

The total Aer Lingus traffic statistics including Aer Lingus Regional thus saw 1,148,000 passengers carried in June 2015, 2.0% more than the 1,125,000 carried last June.

In the first six months of the year (1H15), RPKs increased by 5.9% to 7,702,000 from 7,273,000 in 1H14. These figures combined a short-haul RPK decrease of 1.5% and a long-haul RPK increase of 16.3%. ASKs in 1H15 totalled 9,834,000, compared with 9,551,000 in 1H14, a 3.0% increase – short haul ASKs declining by 4.2% while long-haul ASKs went up by 13.9%. The overall load factor in 1H15 was 78.3%, an increase of 2.2 pp from 76.1% in 1H14.

The rounded mainline passengers numbers showed 4,627,000 carried in 1H15, up by 0.3% from 4,615,000 in 1H14, with short haul numbers decreasing by 1.7% and long-haul numbers going up by 14.3%. Aer Lingus Regional scheduled traffic figures showed 562,000 passengers carried in 1H14, 9.4% fewer than the 620,000 carried in 1H14.

The total 1H15 Aer Lingus traffic statistics including Aer Lingus Regional therefore numbered 5,189,000, compared with 5,235,000 in 1H14, a decrease of 0.9%.

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