Aer Lingus adopts add-ons to Lufthansa Systems FPS

Aer Lingus has renewed its contract with Lufthansa Systems (LSY) to use the flight planning solution Lido/Flight until 2015 and has added several modules which will further increase operational efficiency.

“Our business model is centred on maintaining low unit cost. With an innovative solution like Lido/Flight we are able to plan our flights in the most efficient way and to save thousands of tons of fuel every year. This cuts our operational cost as well as the impact on the environment significantly,” explained Paddy Mulvihill, manager operations support and technical at Aer Lingus.

The new agreement also includes the implementation and use of further Lido/Flight add-ons such as Traffic Flow Restrictions (TFR), Inflight Monitor (IFM) and Briefing.

The TFR module, says LSY, is the first solution of its type to cover partial restrictions on specific airways and suggest alternate routes, based on current traffic flow restrictions imposed by ATC. This makes it possible to combine route segments with maximum efficiency, further reducing fuel consumption. The IFM module automatically monitors every flight which has been calculated but not yet completed. The Briefing module generates electronic briefing packages and automatically enables pilots to promptly receive the customised information they need for their next flights anywhere in the world and at any time. All they need is a computer and a web browser.

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