Aer Arann changes baggage policy and fees

Aer Arann has announced changes to its baggage policy which it says are “in response to customer feedback and passenger trends” and which come into effect for all bookings made from Tuesday 27 April 2010.

Aer Arann currently allows a free baggage allowance of 15kg per passenger and says this is popular on Irish domestic routes where passengers tend to carry less baggage. However, feedback from customers on flights to the UK and France – where passengers tend to spend more time away – is that 15 kg is low compared with the 20 kg industry standard.

Aer Arann believes that passengers would prefer a full 20 kg allowance with one simple bag fee rather than a lower allowance and the potential for excess baggage charges on international routes. However the airline feels that domestic passengers are happy with a lower free allowance as trips away tend to be shorter.

From 27 April, Aer Arann baggage policy will be for a free 7 kg cabin baggage allowance, with bags complying with size restrictions. Domestic flights – within the island of Ireland – will continue to have 15 kg free checked baggage allowance. Flights to the UK and France will now have a checked baggage allowance of 20 kg but with a new charge per bag of €8 or £8 if booked online or through the Aer Arann call centre. Checked baggage booked on arrival at the departure airport will incur a fee of €12/£12 per bag per flight.

On the Isle of Man–London City route, there will be no change of policy and passengers will continue to have a free checked baggage allowance of 20 kg.

For domestic passengers connecting to or from international carriers, Aer Arann will continue to honour the baggage allowance of their connecting airline provided they present their onward itinerary at check-in.

Finally, a fee of €7/£7 per kg will be charged to all luggage exceeding the new luggage allowance on all flights. This is lower than the industry standard.

“We found that while passengers appreciated the free baggage allowance they wanted a larger 20 kg allowance on international flights”, said Aer Arann director of corporate affairs, Andrew Kelly. “Prior to this change in policy a passenger with a 20 kg bag would have been liable for excess baggage charges of €40 and actually received no benefit from our free baggage allowance. Under the new policy passengers can now carry the allowance of 20 kg for one simple per bag charge of €8 or £8.”

“It was also clear to us that domestic passengers tend to be on shorter business trips or weekends away and the 15 kg allowance was all they needed and so we have left this free baggage allowance in place. But for domestic passengers connecting, for example, from Galway to our flights of our partner airlines Aer Lingus or Etihad Airways from Dublin we will continue to match their full onward baggage allowance free of charge”, he continued.

Aer Arann has also made changes to its terms & conditions in relation to fees and charges for flight bookings. As of 20 April: changes to flight bookings including route changes, missed flights, time or date changes will be charged at €35/£35 or €50/£50 if the change is made at the departure airport; name changes will incur a fee of €100/£100; the carriage of pets will incur a fee of €30/£30 each way; infants (children under 2 years of age) will be charged a set fare of €20 each way on all flights and all routes; sports equipment will be charged at €30/£30 if booked in advance or €40/ £40 if booked at the departure airport.

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