Aegean unveils new uniforms

Aegean Airlines pilots, cabin crew members and airport ground handling personnel have begun wearing new uniforms designed by London-based Greek fashion designer Sophia Kokosalaki.
The uniforms use Aegean's corporate colours (deep blue, red and grey), as well as incorporating a Greek flavour. Kokosalaki said her work is guided by the principles of ancient Greek classicism: the search for balance, and economy of line, simplicity and timelessness.
Kokosalaki also claimed the new uniforms represent more than just a new look, signalling the start of a new chapter for the company. The new uniforms and accessories are practical, allowing easy movement while working, while being stylish and elegant.
Dimitris Gerogiannis, Aegean's CEO, stated, “Our company’s Greek character always pushes us to promote and showcase the work of those who share the same values with us. We are very happy about our collaboration with Sophia Kokosalaki and the new dynamism she brings to our image by creating our new staff uniforms."
Kokosalaki added, “The image of Aegean is one of a dynamic, modern, Greek airline and I tried to reflect and convey that in my designs. I admire Aegean for the ethos that runs through all their activities and their trajectory and growth they have achieved over the years. The uniform is functional and elegant with a hint of Grecian classicism. Modernity, realism and quality were of major importance.”

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