Aegean significantly grows summer 2015 traffic

Aegean Airlines has recorded a 21% increase – approximately 515,000 more customers – in overall traffic for July/August 2015 in comparison to the corresponding period of the previous year, growing passenger numbers from 2,476,463 to 2,990,852.International traffic for the respective periods rose by 30% from 1,266,214 to 1,649,607, which mainly originated from the intensive growth of 35% recorded in Athens, where the company's international network traffic was twice that of the airport’s as a whole, thus strengthening the operation of its primary hub. Aegean also achieved a 31% increase in international flights from Heraklion and 32% increase from Rhodes despite a marginal decline in total demand.The airline attributes the high growth rates to significant expansion to new destinations, as well as targeted offers on its domestic network, where the closure of banks and the country's capital controls led to a decrease in demand. Domestic growth for July/August totalled 11%, with Aegean carrying 1,210,249 domestic passengers in 2014 and 1,341,245 in 2015.The carrier has launched 16 new destinations in 2015 so far, including Oslo, Helsinki, Malta, Dubrovnik, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Alexandria, Riyadh and Tehran, as well as growing its presence in destinations launched in 2014 such as Cairo, Beirut, Zurich and Amman.“Once again, Aegean and Olympic Air successfully responded to challenges. Despite the difficult conditions in the country following the capital controls, we managed to significantly develop our main bases, opening up new markets for Greek tourism and new destinations in established markets,” commented Aegean's vice-chairman, Eftichios Vassilakis. “Aegean, operating from 100 international destinations and 9 bases, contributes significantly to the resilience and the more comprehensive geographical penetration of our ‘heavy’ domestic industry.“At the same time however, after many delays and postponements, the need is now imperative for initiatives to be directly taken to improve air navigation’s support infrastructures, such as those of regional airports, to develop a policy for seasonal charge reductions for winter – which is now extremely weak – and to extend the contract of the Athens International Airport, which will allow it to have more competitive charges, to finally be completed as soon as possible. Without these urgent measures, Aegean, Olympic Air and the more than 100 companies operating in the country will not be able to continue to grow in order to support tourism and the economy.”

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