Aegean denies German newspaper claims on payment channels

Aegean Airlines has responded to a recent post on the website of German newspaper Bild – which claimed that Greek citizens can only book airline tickets by paying in cash, while credit card reservations are not accepted – by declaring the information to be incorrect.

Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air said they are acknowledging the difficulties faced by the Greek people by providing all Greek passengers with the opportunity to purchase tickets using every form of payment including the use of their credit and/or debit cards. All offers are available to travel agencies as well.

Aegean also pointed out that in order to help Greek passengers, it has suspended the service fee of €20 for all tickets purchased with cash from ticket offices at Greek airports, as well as for tickets purchased by credit or debit card through the Aegean and Olympic websites. The service fee applies only if a passenger purchases a ticket through the Aegean Airlines call centre.

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