Adria Airways Tehnika sold to Linetech Holding

Poland-based MRO company Linetech Holding has purchased Adria Airways Tehnika.
tOwners of Adria Airways Tehnika, Slovenski državni holding (SDH) and Aerodrom Ljubljana, concluded a Share Purchase Agreement for the company after a competitive two-stage bidding process.ttLinetech Holding has also concluded a contract with the sellers on the transfer and assumption of loan agreements which were approved by SDH and Aerodrom Ljubljana for Adria Airways Tehnika in“We are proud to announce our acquisition of Adria Airways Technika. Subsequently, we aim to grow and develop the company by investing in people, new technologies and equipment,” explained Piotr Kaczor, president of the management board at Linetech Holding. “Thanks to this merger, our field of capabilities will become wider, enhancing support opportunities for the most popular aircraft types: Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer and ATR. The group will have 6 heavy maintenance hangars in total, which allows us to concurrently service 13 different aircraft with code C classification, making Linetech Holding one of the leading MRO companies in Europe.”ttMarko Jazbec, president of SDH’s management board, remarked, “We are extremely satisfied with the outcome of the sale of Adria Airways Tehnika. We believe that the company has been given a new owner which will ensure its growth and further development, and will maintain good relations with all of the company stakeholders.”

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