Adria Airways introduces OnAir Entertainment

Adria Airways has introduced a branded digital experience, OnAir Entertainment, on board its fleet of 11 Airbus A319 and Bombardier CRJ aircraft using MI Airline's AirFi box solution.
The new service allows passengers to stream magazine content, flight information, shopping catalogues, destination videos, menus, HTML5 games, chat functions and newspapers directly to personal electronic devices.
OnAir Entertainment is an extension of Adria Airways’ rebranded inflight magazine, OnAir Magazine, with its online content being updated constantly and organised into categories including People, Cuisine, Aviation, and Culture and History.
“With the introduction of OnAir Magazine and OnAir Entertainment, we have brought a rich and diverse archive of content together under a single brand,” explained Iztok Franko, Adria's marketing and IT director. “We are particularly excited about the future of the OnAir Entertainment portal, which is made possible by the AirFi box. We’re very pleased at the speed with which we were able to roll-out this service and the quality experience our passengers are now enjoying. New features will be added regularly.”
“Adria Airways is a brilliant airline to work with,” added Job Heimerikx, CEO of AirFi. “They’ve really explored every utility of our box, increasing passenger loyalty and affinity by providing information and entertainment in many forms. It’s rewarding to help an airline please passengers and to have the platform operational overnight on their entire fleet. The flexibility of the AirFi instantly proves itself in Adria’s multimedia strategy.”

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