Adara and Ryanair to develop advertising opportunities together

Adara has announced an exclusive partnership with Ryanair to use its innovative technology to enable advertisers across Europe to cost-effectively reach the carrier’s large customer base through highly-targeted digital campaigns.

The agreement will give companies access to increased advertising on Ryanair’s website, which attracts 1.2 million users per day, giving companies throughout Europe access to an innovative media-targeting platform and digital advertising campaigns that are data-driven and precision targeted.

“Adara is thrilled to team up with the largest passenger airline in Europe,” declared the company’s chief commercial officer, Scott Garner. “This three-year agreement enables Adara to significantly grow its business in Europe, while making Ryanair’s website an even more attractive media target for advertisers seeking buyers through display, mobile or video campaigns.”

Ryanair’s head of communications, Robin Kiely, added, “Ryanair will carry over 80 million passengers this year and attracts 1.2 million users to the website on a daily basis, offering an enormous marketing opportunity for prospective advertisers. We are pleased to announce this partnership with Adara and look forward to forging a successful relationship.”

Adara assists consumer brands in finding new customers using advanced precision-targeting technology powered by Big Data sourced from the world’s leading travel and hospitality companies. Adara partners are helped to develop new revenue streams and to deepen customer relationships through highly targeted marketing programmes.

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