ACSS’s SafeRoute gets FAA clearance for A320 ADS-B applications

ACSS has been granted a Supplemental Type Certification (STC) by the FAA for its SafeRoute ADS-B (automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast) solutions on Airbus A320s.

SafeRoute is a set of avionics capabilities that uses ADS-B In to provide enhanced operational safety and efficiency in all phases of flight.

The certified SafeRoute applications for A320s are hosted on the TCAS 3000SP and include interval management (IM), cockpit display of traffic information (CDTI) to assist in visual separation (CAVS), and surface area movement management (SAMM). This follows earlier SafeRoute ADS-B In certifications on Airbus A330s for US Airways and Boeing 767s for Delta Air Lines.

“Achieving blanket certification for a major commercial passenger aircraft model like the A320 is another important milestone for us and our airline customers,” declared Terry Flaishans, president of ACSS. “This makes the process of installing SafeRoute onto any A320 much easier and faster.”

ADS-B is a GPS-based positioning technology that will help increase airspace capacity and throughput by providing more precise position information to the cockpit about an aircraft in flight and those operating around it. SafeRoute uses highly accurate ADS-B Out information, transmitted by aircraft transponders, and then applies the ADS-B speed, position and intent data to perform functions such as SafeRoute-IM, -CAVS and -SAMM. In addition to SafeRoute, ACSS supplies ADS-B Out transponders that are being mandated in many parts of the world beginning this year.

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