ACSS transponder cleared for ATR -600 family

ATR has certified ACSS’s small, lightweight NXT-600 Mode S transponder for installation on the ATR 42-600s and 72-600s.

The NXT-600 is DO-260B-compliant to meet EASA’s and the FAA’s NextGen mandates for ADS-B Out capability. The unit complements other cockpit surveillance equipment on the -600 Series, including the ACSS T2CAS.

“ATR and ACSS have maintained a strong relationship for many years,” noted Terry Flaishans, president of ACSS. “Certified by ATR for the ATR -500 and -600, our T2CAS integrates seamlessly with the NXT-600 next-generation transponder. ACSS is a leader in ADS-B and we are excited to continue our partnership with ATR and help them become one of the first to market with a DO-260B-compliant transponder.”

Optimised for the NextGen air traffic environment, the NXT-600 transponder transmits own-ship flight parameters to other aircraft and air traffic control. The NXT-600 and the NXT-800 (4-MCU transponder for air transport aircraft) transmit a higher level of DO-260B/ADS-B Out data, including precise position, speed and intent information about the aircraft.

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