AAR to provide Volotea with nose-to-tail A319 support

A new long-term contract between Volotea and AAR will see the latter provide support for the airline’s Airbus A319 aircraft with its power-by-the-hour (PBH) component inventory management and repair program.
“We are pleased to have partnered with AAR and look forward to their support as we begin to phase in our first A319. Our continuous growth and switch to a new fleet required us to find a solid partner, and we believe we have that with AAR,” explained Alex Clerc, chief of cost and ops performance, Volotea.
The full PBH program will eventually grow to a fleet of more than 50 A319 aircraft. AAR will manage the aircraft supply chain through its global warehouse network with a primary parts pool in Brussels, as well as a home-base kit with the customer. Volotea will also have access to the entire AAR pool of inventory through exchanges and procurement.
“Just as Volotea caters to individual passengers’ unique needs, AAR is nimble enough to cater to Volotea’s unique component needs at a price that allows them to remain competitive,” remarked Deepak Sharma, president of AAR International’s supply chain.

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