89% of Ryanair’s January 2016 flights are on-time

Ryanair has released its January customer service statistics, which declare that 89% of the carrier’s 45,000 flights in January arrived on-time despite French air traffic control delays and weather diversions.
However, the airline says there were less than 1.5 complaints per 1,000 customers in January 2016, which is around double the 0.78 complaints per 1,000 customers Ryanair recorded across the same period last year.
Bag complaints have also increased, but more minimally, from 0.56 per 1,000 customers in January 2015 to 0.64 per 1,000 customers in January 2016. The number of complaints answered within seven days remains the same, at over 99%.
“Ryanair carried over 7.5m customers in January with 89% of our 45,000 flights arriving on-time as we continued to improve our customer experience,” remarked Ryanair’s Robin Kiely. “With our expanding route network and additional enhancements to come in Year 3 of our ‘Always Getting Better’ programme, Ryanair continues to deliver so much more than just the lowest fares in Europe.”

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