7,000th CFM56-7B delivered to Boeing

CFM International has delivered the 7,000th CFM56-7B engine to Boeing Commercial Airplanes, thus enabling the delivery of the 3,500th 737NG which COPA Airlines will accept later this year.

"Even we could not have predicted the phenomenal success this programme has become," admitted Eric Bachelet, president and CEO of CFM International. "Over the years, CFM and Boeing have worked closely together to develop and refine an aeroplane/engine combination that provides exceptional operating economics. Today, this is the best-selling aircraft/engine combination in aviation history and the broad industry acceptance reinforces the fact that we have made the right investments and that our customers are reaping the benefits."

Boeing launched the Next-Generation 737 family in 1993, and the CFM56-7B was selected. Since entering service in 1997, CFM has continued to improve the engine. In 2007, the company introduced the Tech Insertion configuration. Now Boeing is set to begin flight testing the new CFM56-7BE for an upgrade of the 737NG which is on schedule for certification and entry into service in third quarter of 2011.

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