1st wearable boarding pass from Vueling and Sony

Vueling and Sony have launched the first ever wearable boarding pass with an app that uses a 2D barcode to put flight information and boarding passes on the wrist.

The app is exclusive to Sony’s SmartWatch 2.

Vueling describes the move as an important step in its “total commitment to offering a complete experience”. It follows the airline allowing passengers to use certain mobile devices during all stages of the flight, including take off and landing. Further “Premium technology” services will be announced soon.

According to Samuel Lacarta, Vueling’s IT director, “We have achieved this goal thanks to the huge effort that this airline, and all the people that work for it, have made in developing tech solutions that improve our customer experience.”

Sandra López de Santiago, marketing director for Sony Mobile España, commented, “This agreement, in which we have incorporated a new function into the already wide range of applications for SmartWatch 2, is a another example of how Sony strives for innovation and demonstrates how ‘wearables’ are becoming an important lifestyle tool for the consumer.”

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