15 new ATR 72-500s for Wings Air’s fleet

ATR, Indonesia’s Wings Air and its parent company Lion Air have confirmed the conversion of 15 options for ATR 72-500s, which were part of a deal signed in 2009 when Lion Air placed 15 firm orders for the turboprops.

These aircraft will bring to 30 the total fleet of ATRs operated by Wings Air, which currently has 10 of the aircraft already in operation. On reaching 30 aircraft, Wings Air and Lion Air will become ATR’s largest customer in southeast Asia.

With its fleet of ATRs, Wings Air is developing a strong regional network across Indonesia, increasing passenger traffic and frequencies, while improving connectivity to small and remote communities. Wings Air’s ATR fleet feeds Lion Air’s Boeing 737-900ER route network.

Wings Air plans to develop further new routes from and to Sumatra, Sulawesi and Java, as well as connecting big cities with a flying range within one hour, like Surabaya and Denpasar.

Commenting on the announcement, Rusdi Kirana, chairman of Wings Air and president director of Lion Air, declared, “Our increasing fleet of modern ATR aircraft is making a strong contribution to the growth of our national economy. We are proud to expand and develop transportation capabilities across Indonesia with aircraft featuring the most modern technologies and comfort standards. ATR aircraft are becoming very popular in Indonesia as they play a key role in the development of business and tourism, as well as interconnecting the Indonesia archipelago.”

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