?JetBlue to cover the cost of TSA Precheck for most frequent flyers

tIn its latest effort to reduce TSA screening checkpoint wait times, JetBlue has announced it will cover TSA Precheck’s enrolment fees for the most frequent flyers on its TrueBlue loyalty programme.tMosaic members approved for the programme will move more efficiently though security at participating US airports, as TSA Precheck allows passengers to leave their shoes, belt and light outerwear on, and in most cases keeping their laptop computers and compliant liquids and gels in their carry-on bag.
“Reducing the complexity of the security checkpoint makes a big difference for travellers, especially those who are always on their way to catch a flight,” stated Scott Resnick, director of loyalty marketing for JetBlue. “This limited time offer to join TSA Precheck is just one of the many small ways we are working to enhance the Mosaic programme for our customers. And by helping the TSA facilitate more flyers in the TSA Precheck lane, we can also speed up the security for all passengers.”
TrueBlue members with Mosaic status will receive an email from JetBlue by 1 July 2016 with a special promotional award code that can be redeemed for a TSA Precheck enrolment voucher, which can be used in lieu of payment to cover the application cost. Codes are valid for redemption until 30 September 2016.
Once approved for TSA Precheck, passengers can add their ‘Known Traveller Number’ to reservations prior to check-in or in their TrueBlue profile. Then they can print boarding passes from home with the TSA Precheck logo or access them via JetBlue’s mobile application.
The airline has also provided crew members and third-party personnel for non-security positions so that TSA officers can be redeployed for additional screening lanes. JetBlue and the TSA have been collaborating on queue designs for optimum flow and a better customer experience. JetBlue also shares flight data with TSA to assist with checkpoint staffing.

Pictured: JetBlue's Mosaic logo

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