XL Airways and Skylights bring cinema experience to economy class

XL Airways has become the first airline to test a new entertainment system through immersive cinema glasses, which offer films in 2D and 3D formats.

Developed specifically for aviation by the French start-up Skylights, the SkyTheater glasses have been specially designed for use in flight.The first phase of tests took place in economy class on four flights to the Caribbean and Reunion. Following positive feedback, a second phase on a larger scale will be organised in the coming weeks for possible commercialisation this year."The entertainment on board is at the heart of the concerns of passengers," said Laurent Magnin, CEO XL Airways. "We are closely following the developments in this field and this is why we are proud to be the first to offer the SkyTheater glasses. True to our DNA, we do not opt for individual screens but leave everyone the choice to come with their own equipment, to rent a tablet, or tomorrow, immersive glasses.""We are delighted to launch our product with XL Airways. This is a bold and innovative company, which is the way we work. We are particularly impressed with the responsiveness shown by its teams," added David Dicko, chairman of Skylights. “By threading a SkyTheater, you find yourself immediately transported into your own private cinema!"

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