X-Stream upgrade for AVIATOR 350 and 700

Thrane & Thrane has enhanced the data streaming capability of its AVIATOR 350 and AVIATOR 700 high gain antenna (HGA) SwiftBroadband (SB) solutions using Inmarsat’s new SB X-Stream service. The upgrade means users will be able to stream data at rates better than 256Kbps at elevations above 10 degrees.

“This latest development represents another leap forward for the aeronautical communications industry," comments Kim Gram, vice president of Thrane & Thrane’s aeronautical business unit. "We are experiencing growing demand for in-flight data streaming services for applications such as real-time video streaming from the aircraft to the ground. The launch of the Inmarsat SB X-Stream service supports our ongoing commitment to provide customers with cutting-edge communications technology and has enabled us to increase the speed at which AVIATOR 350 and AVIATOR 700 users can stream data.”

The Inmarsat SB X-Stream service provides streaming data at rates above 256Kbps, improving the quality of service and enabling more data to be streamed at a faster rate. Thrane & Thrane’s AVIATOR 350 and AVIATOR 700 solutions use HGAs to provide users with full broadband functionality, including an extensive range of voice, data and video services. The solutions will incorporate the new Inmarsat SB X-Stream service with immediate effect as existing SwiftBroadband approved products require no change in hardware.

Thrane & Thrane introduced the AVIATOR brand for its SwiftBroadband product portfolio in April 2010. The existing Aero-SB Lite offering became the Thrane & Thrane AVIATOR 300 with low gain antenna (LGA) and the AVIATOR 350 with HGA, while the flagship Aero-SB+ became the AVIATOR 700. AVIATOR now covers Thrane & Thrane’s entire SwiftBroadband product portfolio.

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