Wamos Air deploys Immfly W-IFE as long-haul solution

Spanish airline Wamos Air, a leisure charter company, has deployed a wireless in-flight entertainment system, designed and developed by Immfly, across its fleet of four Boeing 747-400 aircraft.

Wamos On Air will provide the airline’s one million annual passengers with access to a range of content including magazines.

As the airline’s audience is considerably diverse, Wamos Air and Immfly focused on providing different content modules for every type of passenger (distinct ages and languages). In addition ot Hollywood films, there is a kids section, music in documentary format, multiple games, TV programmes all available in both English and Spanish languages.

Wamos Air passengers can also read the latest news either in a NewsFeed format, as well as through a downloadable PDF model, for those who prefer to continue to read once on the ground.

Passengers can also consult frequently asked questions related with the platform, as well as report incidents/faults.

Jose Ignacio Hernández, head of on-board services at Wamos Air says, “We are pleased to announce the implementation of Immfly´s solution on all our scheduled flights. As a long haul airline, we are permanently driving for solutions that improve our passengers´ on-board experience and we are convinced Immfly is the perfect co-pilot for this ongoing project.”

Vincent Tomasoni, chief customer & digital services officer at Immfly states, “Immfly has proved to be an eminently cost-efficient solution for narrow-bodies due to its agility in delivering results, the close relationship with clients, the greater user experience that provides, as well as the ability to be a revenue generator. These remarkable DNA and work methodology have demonstrated today that, Immfly is equally ideal for long-haul airlines – where due to the flight duration there is more to do and innovation to offer. We are certainly very happy with the fact Wamos Air has trusted its digitalisation with us”.

Written by: Alexander Preston

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