WAEA/APEX2010: Panasonic unveils configurable moving map solution

Panasonic unveiled its iXplor 2.0 during the WAEA/APEX convention with the innovative two-dimensional moving map solution providing an advantage over 1.0 including seamless integration with other Panasonic applications, a configuration tool, and higher reliability.Set for release in the first quarter of 2011, it is also designed for use with the company’s DMPES and X Series EFEC solutions. Its X Series version will be available shortly thereafter.Advantages include a full suite of standard features including satellite maps with multiple zoom levels. Information includes air speed, time to destination, distance travelled, and images such as an airline’s welcome screen. It also supports flight scripts that can be triggered during any portion of the flight, including ascend and cruise phases.“iXplor 2.0 is an attractive solution that includes Panasonic-owned code on top of an open source framework for improved reliability and flexibility,” according to director of applications and services Steve Gladstone. “The included configuration tool enables customer requested changes to be made faster and deployed more cost-effectively.”iXplor 2.0 was built on standard internet protocols and geodata file standards, ensuring maximum reliability. This standards-based design also ensures a fast and easy migration path to additional application features and extended map data sets.In addition to improving its two-dimensional map solutions, the company also expects to explore new ways to enhance the passenger experience such as premium three-dimensional maps.

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